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Built Tough for Lifetime Comfort ™

A lot has changed in over 60 years at Thermo Products: new product innovations, product refinements, and a growing dealer base. But, at the same time we have never lost sight of our heritage, small town values, and our goal of producing the highest quality comfort products, or our commitment to complete customer satisfaction. Our dedication to product and service has allowed us to build valued relationships with our dealers and their customers. Technological advancements in oil heating, gas heating, and air conditioning have made heating and cooling your home cleaner, safer, and more comfortable and reliable than before. At Thermo Products we will continue to research, develop and refine solutions that meet the needs of the market. And we will continue to put a bit of Thermo Products heritage in everything we do.

The Thermo Pride brand stands for handcrafted products and hometown values: comfort, reliability, durability, quiet operation, and high efficiency. Together they provide real value and establish the Thermo Products benchmark. The competition largely focuses on mass production, low cost and price battles. Thermo Products, for over 60 years, has concentrated on high quality, crafting products that last while providing the reliable service and comfort people value. Thermo Pride units are designed and built better to last longer.


Oil Furnaces (Lowboy ol5-ol39, horizontal ot11-ot16) 

Thermo Pride Low Boy

Thermo Pride Low Boy

  • Quieter start up, greater efficiency, and more comfortable operation due to infinite fan motor speeds.
  • Delivery of comfortable airflow in both the heating and cooling modes. On a call for heat or cooling the blower motor starts at the slower speed and builds to the correct running speed.
  • Automatically compensates for restricted ducts or a dirty air filter by increasing the motor speed (routine filter cleaning is still recommended.)
  • Energy bills will be lower due to quieter efficiency of the ECM motor (especially when you run the
    blower for long periods of time.)
  • Reduced fan speeds will run quietly and save energy when the blower runs constantly as with air filtration, for example.
  • Optional ECM Blower Motor