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Our family-operated business manufactures only top-quality hydronic heating equipment. Acknowledged as a leader in research and product development, NTI is a pioneer in developing the most advanced and efficient home heating equipment.

NTI boilers are developed using state-of-the-art computer assisted design techniques and in accordance with the guidelines of the Canadian Standards Association and A.S.M.E. industry codes. Our on-site laboratory and training facilities at our head office in Saint John, New Brunswick ensure that we maintain our commitment to ongoing quality control, product development and contractor support. Our customer service hotline and extended warranty program maintain our commitment to you. With NTI, you’re buying quality, North American-made comfort

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Trinity TX

Trinity Tx

  • Built and certified as a heating boiler
  • Pre-wired for use with indirect water heater
  • High efficiency stainless steel boiler
  • All components are quick release type
  • Easy wire connection strip
  • Fully packaged and wired assembly
  • Auto air vent
  • Three pump outputs
  • 120V power receptacle
  • Full automatic modulation
  • Outdoor reset
  • Lead-Lag compatible
  • Low pressure cutoff
  • Easy programmable display
  • OD reset boost feature
  • Warm weather shutdown(WWSD)
  • Compatible with indirect tank sensor
  • Diagnostic Logging