Gas Installation

A new installation of a NTI system, with an Amtrol hot Water tank.

A new Natural Gas installation of a Trinity High Efficiency Condensing Boiler, with an Amtrol hot Water tank.

Maher Heating can replace your old heating system or install systems for new construction. We research and test various manufacturers of heating equipment in our own homes. We only recommend and install those systems that are high quality, efficient, and inexpensive to maintain.

We are proud to offer: Thermo Pride, Trinity, RinnaiModine, Reillo, and Carlin heating equipment. You can learn more about them by visiting the links to the left of the page. We hope you take time to learn about the heating systems we offer and visit the manufacturers web site.

Maher Heating installs quality products but we also take pride in our installations. A quality installation can save you money down the road. We install equipment so that when repairs are necessary service time is minimized.

These are a few things to consider in your decision.

  1. Is your boiler too old to convert.
  2. Do You have a proper liner in your chimney. Contact Hearth Services for help.
  3. Is your oil tank empty?
  4. Are you ready to save money on heating costs.

If you are in the market for a new heating
system please consider Maher Heating!

Visit Efficency Maine for details about Maine’s energy incentive programs.


To learn more about oil heating systems we install visit: