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Quincy Hydronic Technologies, Inc.

Quincy Hydronic Technologies, Inc. (QHT) of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was founded in 1983 to be on the cutting edge of hydronic technology in order to reduce the rampant inefficiencies found in the North American market at the time.

QHT’s mission is to provide the North American market with highly efficient boiler and heating technology combined with a dash of Yankee ingenuity. To do this QHT has scoured Europe to find highly efficient and reliable boilers and burners as well as looking in the US for state-of-the-art digital electronic controls to provide the most efficient systems possible. By searching these areas for individual components, QHT can provide the most adaptable, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly boiler and heating systems around at a competitive price.

QHT has pioneered the use of triple-pass low-mass cast iron residential and commercial boilers as well as a system of radiant heating using a modern PEX piping and radiators. Together with our digital control, the Opti-Miser, QHT can offer one of the most efficient ways of heating your home using a hydronic system. And, because of our boiler design, they can be fired by either oil or gas with a simple switch of the burner to heat your house, melt snow and ice off of driveways, heat water for your shower or pool or any other hot-water use that you may require.

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Biasi Riva

Biasi Riva

The Biasi Riva is a wall mounted, standard efficiency boiler perfectly suited for systems utilizing traditional baseboard heating elements.  To reduce fuel consumption, the Riva operates “on-demand”, only firing when there is a call of heat or domestic hot water.  This boiler also modulates to perfectly match the heating or domestic load.