Basic Cleaning

Oil Service and CleaningBasic Cleaning and Service for Residential Customers

Cost: $164.00      Daytime Labor Rate: $80 per hour
Full tune up of oil burner:
  • new nozzle
  • Clean up the pump ( w/ new gasket )
  • New oil filter(s)
Full vacuuming of heating system:
  • Vacuum out baffles and heat exchanger.
  • Pull down smoke pipe and clean.
  • Inspect chimney and clean breach.
    (not the entire chimmney )
Re-fire unit and inspect flame:
  • efficiency*
  • draft test*
  • smoke test*
For hot air furnaces:
  • There is an additional charge for air filters.
  • Includes a heat exchanger test at no additional charge
  • smoke test*

* If needed due to boiler running inefficiently upon arrival.