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New Yorker.

CI-HGS 3-pass Water series

CI-HGS 3-pass
Water series

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New Yorker


CI-HGS 3-pass Water series

By recirculating combustion gases within the unique 3-pass cast iron heat exchanger, the New Yorker CI-HGS is designed to extract every BTU possible from the combustion process. The cast iron sections are produced by Burnham Foundry, LLC in Zanesville, Ohio and are the primary reason why the CI-HGS is able to attain an ENERGY STAR certified 86% AFUE.


The cast iron sections in the CI-HGS are joined with steel nipples.These connectors resist petroleum-based chemicals such as anti-freeze which can deteriorate rubber seals used by some competitors. What this means to you is increased longevity of your boiler’s life.


New Yorker uses only name-brand controls and components, assuring that the CI-HGS will provide years of comfortable, reliable heating. The heat exchanger construction also meets the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code which ensures the quality and safety of the boiler.

Easy To Own

From installation to service, the CI-HGS has been designed with ease in mind. These thoughtful features help to keep installation and service costs low while allowing contractors the ability to perform these necessary functions as efficiently as possible.

Installation features include a swing-away door for easy access to thecombustion chamber and flueways. The CI-HGS includes a Honeywell L7248 electronic high-limit aquastat and provisions for optional plug-in accessories

For maintenance and servicing, the CI-HGS comes equipped with rear flueway cleanout plates. With ample flueway clearance, and the ease of access achieved through the swing-away door, a thorough and complete cleaning of the flueways is very easy to attain.

The CI-HGS also has a small overall footprint. It's space efficient design occupies little floor space and permits installation in tight areas.

Visit the New Yorker Web Site to learn about New Yorker Boilers.

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